India’s One & Only Nomination Based Recognition Initiative For The Exhibition & Convention Industry

  • The Agenda
  • The Idea
  • The Program

The Agenda

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39140888830_7e98596b8d_zOver 800 exhibitions are held in India across a wide range of industries, each year. Exhibitions are the catalyst to the nation’s economic growth and they promote national initiatives like ‘Make In India’, ‘Start-Up India’ & ‘Skill India’.  Exhibition Organisers, Service Providers and Venues work tirelessly to make events happen. The Exhibition Excellence Awards are an initiative to recognise the unsung  heroes of the Indian exhibition industry and to acknowledge their contribution. The Exhibition Excellence Awards have been  supported by Ministry of Skill Development, Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of MSME, NSIC, ASSOCHAM, PHDCCI, Indian Exhibition Industry Association, Indian Exhibition Services Association, Indian Industries Association, UFI, IAEE, Indian Convention Promotion Bureau, Event & Entertainment Management Association, IESA, AFECA, TCEI, PIOCCI, SACEOS, TECA, IETA, RUEF, & ASME, in its previous editions. Today, The Exhibition Excellence Awards have established into a Mega initiative for industry and the EEA 2024 is all set for a its biggest ever edition – A Glorious Extravaganza Like Never Before!

The 5th mega edition of Exhibition Excellence Awards will be held on 28th March, 2024 at the CIDCO Exhibition & Convention Center, Mumbai, India. A supremely experienced jury has been formed from diverse backgrounds and internationally renowned exhibitions advisory firm JWC Consulting has been roped in as Process Advisors & Evaluators for EEA 2024 to make it the most transparent and fair platform.

The Idea

5th Edition of the India's One & Only Awards Initiative for Exhibition Industry

33290284120_659b659084_zThe idea behind EEA is to promote and glorify the Exhibition & Convention Industry. EEA is well covered in National & Trade Media and is a genuine effort to recognize the hard work of Exhibition Fraternity and honour its true champions. Click here to read the media report  of EEA 2016 and Click Here to read the Post event report of EEA 2017. The event was covered by leading National and International Publications besides  being televised on National Television  –  Zee Business. Click here to watch the EEA 2017 episode on Zee Business. There are over 60 prestigious Award Categories. The nominations for EEA 2024 have now begun online and it takes just ten minutes to file in your nominations. JWC has been roped in as Process Advisors to monitor the nomination process. The tenure for awards consideration is for events held between January 1, 2024 and December 31, 2024. This is a ‘For Industry‘ initiative and Top Nominees and  the winners will get visibility among global audiences and at various industry forums. A special report will be compiled to showcase the leading shows in India across categories, so you must participate in this initiative.

At EEA 2024, there are 42 categories for exhibition organisers, 13 categories for service providers, 4 categories for venues and 3 categories for conferences. A truly extensive program backed with structured research has been brought to you by Exhibition Showcase, in a sincere effort to recognise the contribution of the Indian exhibition industry.


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sExhibition Excellence Awards are brought to you by Asia’s most comprehensive media platform for Trade Shows – Exhibition Showcase. The media house serves the exhibition industry holistically and dedicatedly through its Print Magazines, Exhibition TV, Email Newsletters, Social Media, Coffee Table Book, MICE Youth Forum and Exhibition Directory. Exhibition Showcase is a member and media partner of UFI – The Global Association of Exhibition Industry, IEIA, IESA and ICPB. Click here to read the digital magazine.Click here to watch Exhibition TV. The earlier editions of Exhibition Excellence Awards were immensely successful in its agenda of promoting the Indian Exhibition Industry.

On 28th March, 2024, the evening will set ablaze with the roaring, one of its kind, “Red Carpet Awards ceremony” followed by cocktail dinner and special entertainment programs for all attendees. While the theme is to celebrate the industry’s achievements of the year gone by, the event also serves to be a great platform for networking and connecting with the leaders of the industry. Click here to watch the EEA 2024 teaser.  EEA 2024 is a event for CEO’s & Directors and the entry is only by invitation or registration.


Exhibitions Enable Business Opportunities


Focus Sectors For Exhibition Organisers

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Chairman, Paul Woodward Advisory




    National Convener, MSME Cell


    Special Invitee – National Board on MSMEs, Government of India


      Chairman - Hong Kong Exhibition & Convention Industry Association


        Former Secretary, Ministry of Tourism

          Alexander Stedtfeld

          Economic Counselor, German Embassy

            Siddharth Gautam

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            Sanjay Datta

            President, Skal International Asia

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              Ashish Gupta

              Consulting CEO, Federation of Associations in Indian Tourism & Hospitality

                Renu Sharma

                Vice President, PIOCCI


                President, Event & Entertainment Mgt. Association

                  Tarang Khosla

                  Chief Editor, Exhibition Showcase

                  上网科学工具app 下载

                  President, Indian Heritage Hotels Association

                  Naaznin Husein

                  President, Indian Dietetic Association

                  Asif Iqbal

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                  Sr. Principal Scientist & Head, Acoustics & Vibration Metrology

                  Mahendra Vakharia

                  President, Outbound Tour Operators Association of India


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                   You can nominate for Shows held in the period between January 1, 2024 – December 31, 2024. Nominations Close on January 10, 2024.  You can apply in multiple categories. Please read the parameters carefully. There are total 42 award categories for exhibition organizers out of which 25 fall under sector specific entries. Click on the link below to fill the nomination form. Kindly furnish supporting documents along your application. Each category must receive a minimum of three nominations, else the category may be forfeited.

                  THE LEADING SECTOR SHOWS :  To honour top shows in leading sectors. All 25 sector categories mentioned here are for shows which cater to the specified respective industries. Each sector is a different award category, eg. Leading show in xxxx.  The winner will be judged on the basis of Number of Exhibitors & Net Exhibition Area (In sq. metres. Net area is the area of booth space sold to exhibitors) of 2018 edition of the  show. Both the parameters carry  a 1:1 weight ratio. In case of a tie, winner will be adjudged on the basis of number of editions of the show. Supporting documents for all these 25 categories are Exhibitor Directory and the Floor Plan of the show.

                  上网科学工具app 下载

                    2. Textiles, Apparel

                      3. Gems, Jewellery

                        4. Wedding, Fashion

                          5. Electronics, Technology


                              7. Engineering, Industrial

                                8. Plastics

                                  科学上外网 app

                                    Similarly, there are 17 more sector specific categories in the nomination form. Some more categories are as under:

                                    Top Industry Impact Show : How your show impacts its industry positively. Mention About Show, its USP & Impact in 200 words, Area, number of Exhibitors in the last edition. This category is also open for shows that are not held on an annual basis. Please note that a show can be nominated in any one of the category only, i.e.  either for the Leading Sector Show or for The Top Industry Impact Show category

                                    The Unique Show : The organiser has produced a show on a very niche topic and is a kind of one-of-its kind show for the industry. The organiser will mention About the Show, The Value it Creates for its industry, how it’s a rare / niche / unique show of its kind, what are similar shows in that respective industry, in not more than 400 words.

                                    上网科学工具app 下载On basis of number of parallel running conference sessions at the exhibition.

                                    The Fastest Growing Show : On the basis of growth in the Net Exhibition Area in 2024 edition of the show as compared to its previous edition.

                                    Top Global Dominance : On the basis of percentage of foreign exhibitor participation at the show.

                                    The Challenger : Organiser who organised maximum number of shows in B-cities (any city other than Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Ahemadabad, Bangalore, Chennai & Kolkata) in 2024.

                                    The International Star : Organiser who promotes any Indian sector abroad. Organiser will mention Details of shows done abroad in 2024

                                    Top B City Show (B2B) : For any trade show held in 2024 in any B-City ( Any city other than Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahemadabad, Chennai & Kolkata). Winner on basis of Number of Exhibitors and Net Exhibition Area in 2024.

                                    Top B City Show (B2C) : For consumer show held in 2024 in any B-City ( Any city other than Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahemadabad, Chennai & Kolkata).

                                    Top Make in India Supporting Show : For any Show that had maximum exhibitors in its Pavilion for ‘Make In India’.

                                    Top Start-Up India Supporting Show : For any Show that had maximum exhibitors in its Pavilion for ‘Start-Up India’.

                                    Exhibition Organisers Click Here To Nominate

                                    Nomination Categories for Conference Organizers

                                    Conference Organisers can nominate their shows held between January 1, 2024 – 31 December 2024. PCO’s can also fill this nomination on behalf of the show. The jury will evaluate the applications. Nominations close on January 10, 2024.

                                    Leading Industry Conference

                                    Mention details of conference organised in 2024. Mention background of this event, its history, its role for the industry, number of Delegates in 2024, number of Speakers, Industry Impact created, number of participating exhibitors etc.

                                      Conference Organisers Click Here To Nominate

                                      Nomination Categories for Exhibition and Convention Venues & MICE Hotels

                                      There are 4 categories for Exhibition Centers and MICE Hotels. Nominations Close on January 10, 2024.

                                      1. Leading MICE Venue

                                      Mention number & details of exhibitions and conferences held in 2024, Infrastructure for hosting MICE events, special facilities for organisers, visitors and service providers, venue USP, proximity to airport.

                                        2. India's Leading Exhibition Venue

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                                          Open for Asia Region. Mention number & details of exhibitions and conferences held in 2024, Infrastructure for hosting exhibitions, Indoor and outdoor space, special facilities for organisers, visitors and service providers, Venue USP, proximity to airport, accomodation options and accessibility of local transportation, special services, measures towards sustainability, largest event hosted with its details and area in 2018.

                                            MICE Venues Click Here To Nominate

                                            Nomination Categories for Service Providers, Event Agencies & PCO's

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                                            1. LEADING STRUCTURE SUPPLIER

                                              2. Star Experiential Campaign

                                                3. The Tech Catalyst

                                                  4. Excellence in Design

                                                    科学上外网 app



                                                          9. Star in AV, Lights & Sound

                                                            10. Star in Registration Management

                                                              11. Star in Production & Visuals

                                                                12. Star in Emergency Services

                                                                  13. The Star PCO / PCM

                                                                    14. The Engaging Crowdpuller

                                                                      Exhibition & Conference Service Providers Click Here to Nominate

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                                                                      4:00 – 5:00 PM
                                                                      REGISTRATION, INDUSTRY NETWORKING & HI TEA (SNACKS)

                                                                      5:00 – 5:20 PM
                                                                      INAUGURATION & SPECIAL GUESTS WELCOME

                                                                      5:20 PM – 5:30 PM
                                                                      Grand Jury Felicitation

                                                                      5:30 PM – 8:00 PM
                                                                      RED CARPET AWARD CEREMONY


                                                                      8:00 PM ONWARDS
                                                                      ENTERTAINMENT & GALA COCKTAIL DINNER


                                                                      Newsletter signup

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                                                                      EEA 2024 - Entry Only Through Registration

                                                                      Over 500 Exhibition & MICE Leaders will assemble to witness the gala event. The EEA is a proven knowledge platform, networking evening and a truly grand recognition forum for the Indian exhibition industry. Please note that the EEA Entry is only through registration or by invitation. Click here to register now. For queries please mail to or call at 011-28533196, +91 7065100707


                                                                      What Leaders say about Exhibition Excellence Awards

                                                                      Every industry has a recognition platform for its achievers but it was missing from the Indian exhibition industry for all this while. Now that gap has been plugged & that too in the right manner.
                                                                      RAKESH KUMAR手机科学的上网方法免费
                                                                      I am extremely happy to be invited as a jury to the EEA 2018. This is a great platform for honoring the achievers.
                                                                      上网科学工具app 下载Chairperson @ IAEE
                                                                      These awards will be a great stepping stone for enhancing the quality levels in the Indian exhibition industry.
                                                                      RAVINDER SETHIVP @ IEIA
                                                                      EEA recognises the true champions of the Indian exhibition industry.
                                                                      Praveen MittalAddl. Director @ FICCI
                                                                      EEA is a great platform for honoring the champions of the Indian exhibition industry.
                                                                      Angela Herberholz上网科学工具app 下载
                                                                      An awards initiative like EEA is much needed in a country like India where the industry is at a growing stage and the genuine players need to be recognised.
                                                                      Karla JaguelTrainer @ Messe


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                                                                      An Industry Initiative Supported by the Industry

                                                                      Super awesome entitlements for Partners. Click here to view Partnership brochure

                                                                      Venue & Hospitality Partner
                                                                      Platinum Partner
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                                                                      Gold Partner
                                                                      Silver Partners
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                                                                      Associate  Partners
                                                                      Event Mgt Partner
                                                                      Stage Partner
                                                                      Sound & AV Partner
                                                                      Branding Partner
                                                                      Emergency Partner
                                                                      Registration Partner
                                                                      上网科学工具app 下载
                                                                      Marketing Partner
                                                                      上网科学工具app 下载
                                                                      Structure Partner
                                                                      Hi-Tea Partner
                                                                      Photo Video Partner
                                                                      Entertainment Partners
                                                                      Security Partner
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                                                                      上网科学工具app 下载
                                                                      上网科学工具app 下载
                                                                      Hotel Partner

                                                                      Organised By